Our History

GERI HDP, by the side of your credit for more than 20 years  

Our group is able to supply all-round services in the individual areas that make up the End to End cycles of management of its clients through the complementary skills of the companies in the group. Starting from the acquisition of the clients through to the management of any outstanding payments, we assist the client throughout the whole supply relationship.
GERI HDP is the best partner to assist you in business and credit management processes that complement your business..

Customer Care & Billing                        Credit Management                        Risk Management



GERI HDP Holding di Partecipazione puts companies with years of experience in the business services sector at your service.

- Ge.Ri. Management Rischi was set up on 17 January from an idea of professionals with experience in the management and protection of credit sector.

- Elliot was set up following the emergence of the new needs of the market, in the sphere of Integrated Management of Risk Management and Customer Operations.

- Molino D'Isella, was set up for the management of Events, Training and Hospitality with a view to diversification of the business areas.


2011 - Aqqua was set up with the aim of grouping the real estate of the group and managing the purchase and rental operations of property units.

GERI HDP in Europe

We wanted to export our quality and style. Again.

GERI HDP is one of the few companies able to guarantee the same operational logics and quality standards in Europe, as it has done for years in Italy.

The experience matured has made us confident and allowed us to follow the same paths internationally that have taken us to success in Italy, facing the challenges of local markets.

The group has been in France since 2013 and, more recently, also in the United Kingdom, Germany, Rumania and also in Spain with overseas branches.