Elliot - Your Customer Experience

Let the forces of your company concentrate on the core business

Achieving results in a company comes from   careful client management. Elliot offers business processing outsourcing which integrates consultancy, solutions and structures to offer clients complete planning, automation and management in outsourcing of processes closely related to the areas of Customer Care & Billing with focus on risk prevention.

All in the name of optimisation

Elliot offers multi-channel client management and Back Office & Billing Process solutions developed with a model centred on collection.
Elliot’s focus is to supply innovative client management services so that they are ‘satisfied’ but also a good payer!




10 years of experience
175 projects fulfilled
7,690,000 client positions managed

GeRi - The World of Credit Collection

Giving Credit to your Debt

Companies which do not have a strict credit control system for their clients have had to organise or strengthen internal structures on credit recovery with certain costs and uncertain results.
What are the alternatives?

Making use of outsourcing solutions able to guarantee effective intervention through immediate availability of specialist skills, in line with the most modern and prevalent credit management processes.

This is where Ge.Ri. steps in

Ge.Ri. is a modern support tool, able to supply an integrated system of services aimed at satisfying the various company requirements in a personalised manner:
- Preventing the onset of outstanding claims
- Reducing the action times
- Drastically cutting losses on credits
- Containing costs
- Freeing internal resources to dedicate to business


20 years plus experience 

13,600,000 files managed 
Euro 9.9 billion entrusted
Euro 1.250 billion recovered